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      A manifestation of our dreams and your deepest desires, element forms an avant-garde and minimalistic sculpture in glass and exposed concrete, standings as an eternal symbol of ahmedabad's aspirations and unrelenting drive.
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    A cantilevered balcony that can double up into a party deck for the days you need to let your hair down, or into an extended living room for that Sunday family brunch.
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    Q & A with Architect
    What prompted you to take up the challenge of working on this project?
    ELEMENT is a paradigm shift, with design concepts and state-of-the-art residences that seek to revolutionize living spaces in Ahmedabad - this project had all the right impetuses for an architect to truly cognize and grasp an idiosyncratic vision. This was an opportunity for me to truly develop as an architect and to influence design standards and to promote architecture as an art form.
    What was your vision and inspiration for your creation?
    To create living spaces ensconced in privacy and to achieve a desired seclusion for the residents amidst a bustling arterial city street. The facade made of soundproof glass walls and a plantation courtyard that runs through the building with an automatic watering system, are testimony to this vision. The inspiration for ELEMENT comes from scattered sources; however works and ideologies of Le Corbusier have played a pivotal role in the inspiration for the project, such as the use of reinforced concrete and elemental geometric forms.
    Why did you choose to design a glass facade with exposed concrete work?
    Experiencing architecture has several dimensions attached to it; this inherent characteristic is what makes it a unique art form. The materials of a building and their interaction with each other are what greatly enrich our perception of it. We have therefore selected intrinsically opposing material forms that inhabit the opposite spectrum of a scale to bring a natural equilibrium to our work, like rough and smooth, utilitarian and luxurious, ergo exposed concrete and glass.
    Do you believe your creation will impact the city of Ahmedabad and become a defining landmark?
    When surrounded by a plethora of buildings, that form a city scape, a landmark serves a much more significant purpose than merely standing out; it effortlessly belongs. Quintessentially, it is not intended to be an absolute or definitive statement; rather it is meant to be a continuing dialogue. This is what truly gives a landmark its demeanor and the city scape its significance.